Keeney & Co., Architects, PLC is a well-established architectural firm operating continuously since its founding in 1985, providing: a wide range of architectural services. We believe in working closely with each client, tailoring our process of problem analysis and design to their individual preferences.

We offer a unique philosophy of practicality coupled with direct responsiveness to the client. By combining this with a fostering of candid, open discussion during design development, we will succeed in identifying unrealized needs and fulfilling both those and your known program requirements.

With our commitment to satisfy, we have built a broad base of regular clients. More than 85% of our work is for returning clients. Generally, our designs are in well-established architectural styles. We aim for more permanence -- believing that good design is timeless.

Our experience varies from simple room additions and custom residential to commercial and industrial, ranging from simple garage buildings to large office complexes, and includes nightclubs, restaurants, medical facilities and a variety of automobile servicing facilities. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our past work or to assist you in creating the project you envision.